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Wired vs Wireless Security Cameras

If you’re looking to get security cameras for your home or business, you’ve probably wondered whether wired or wireless cameras are a better option. They both have their pros and cons, but which is right for your situation? To find out, look at how they compare and contrast in the categories of maintenance, installation, and reliability.

Wired vs Wireless Security Camera Maintenance

  • Wired

    Wired cameras require little to no maintenance after they are installed because their entire system is already secure and there’s no need to continually power it with anything since they’re already plugged into an outlet. If easy/low maintenance is a feature you’re looking for in your security cameras, wired is the way to go.

  • Wireless

    A lot of wireless cameras are powered by batteries, meaning they are higher maintenance than wired cameras, which get their power from the outlets they’re plugged into. This can especially be a pain if these wireless cameras are placed in high or hard to reach areas.

Wired vs Wireless Security Camera Installation

  • Wired

    Wired cameras are generally harder to set up due to the process of fishing wires through walls and along ceilings to get everything connected. Wired cameras are generally less expensive than wireless cameras, however, so the cost of getting wired cameras installed shouldn’t be a big expense.

  • Wireless

    Wireless cameras are a little easier to install and adjust than wired cameras. You may need to mount them on a wall or ceiling, but that’s pretty much the extent of the process. If the quality you’re looking for in your cameras is easy installation, wireless is your best bet.

Wired vs Wireless Security Camera Reliability

  • Wired

    By far the biggest advantage of wired cameras is their reliability. Since wireless cameras are connected to Wi-Fi, signal degradation and spotty video quality are common. Wired cameras do not have this problem since you can either connect to the internet or operate entirely locally. Wired cameras are also less likely to be hacked.

  • Wireless

    For reliability, wireless cameras are inferior to wired. Video quality runs entirely on Wi-Fi so if your internet bandwidth goes up and down with quality, so will your cameras. There may even be glitches and freezes where you are not able to access the video at all.

Trust in the Right Audio Video Specialists

At AVI, we believe that wired cameras are the way to go because of their reliability. Because of this, we specialize in providing and installing professional wired security systems for homes and businesses. We’ll help you pick out the perfect system that fits both your needs and budget and then expertly install it for you. For a free consultation with one of our audio video specialists, call us today at 321-228-5053.