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Winter Park Audio Video Integration

If you’ve been in search of creating a more auditory- and visually-pleasing space for your Winter Park home or business, you’ve found the right place. AVI is your one stop shop in helping you create your own unique audio and video experience using top-of-the-line products. We offer multiple installations ranging from security camera systems, smart home automation, surround sound systems, and theater and media rooms. 

Security Cameras 

Creating a safe and secure environment in your home or office is of great importance to us. We strive to install the most advanced and reliable equipment to ensure you feel safe and protected once the job is done. With options ranging from day and nighttime security cameras to hidden surveillance cameras, we have everything to meet your security needs. Our advanced security systems also provide motion sensor detection, remote live-stream viewing capabilities, and a worry-free 3-year warranty on all equipment. 

Smart Home Automation

Your electronics, lights, thermostats, and security cameras can all be streamlined with a smart home automation system from AVI. Through our Control 4 system, you will have remote access to control your entire audio and visual system from the comfort of your couch or while you’re on the go with either your smart phone device, tablet, or even through voice command. Such convenient accessibilities not only makes it easier to control your systems while at home or away, but it also helps you maintain a more secure home or office. 

Theater and Media Rooms

At AVI, we install the best equipment available to improve your at-home spaces and create enhanced entertainment experiences for you and your family. Whatever your preference, your customized home theater is within arm’s reach. We can create lavish multi-purpose media rooms complete with mood lighting and comfortable seating or go full-Hollywood with a custom home theater room designed to match an actual movie theater. With reclined or stadium seating, pristine high-definition picture, and rich surround sound, you can enjoy your favorite sports, games, or movies in style — all within the comfort of your own home. 

Surround Sound Systems 

To amplify your at-home sound quality, we offer top name brands such as:

  • Klipsch – Responsible for some of the best audio speakers in the world, Klipsch provides a variety of speakers that offer optimal sound quality for both indoor and outdoor entertaining. 
  • Yamaha – A leader in audio and visual products, Yamaha offers quality speakers that are designed, engineered, and manufactured with a high attention to detail. 

Your Winter Park Audio and Video Solution

Trust the professionals at AVI to upgrade your home and office experience. Whether you’re looking to set-up security cameras, surround sound systems, smart home automation, or a custom theater or media rooms, our industry-certified technicians will work with you to tailor a system that fits your commercial or residential audio and visual needs and budget. To learn more about our services or schedule a free consultation with a creative audio visual specialist, call AVI today at 321-228-5053.