Changing Automations

You can easily make changes to your existing programming or add new automations at any time!

If you would like to change your home automation programming, it’s easy to do yourself. Log into your account at

After logging in, choose When-Then to personalize your automation settings.

Depending on the size of your project, it may take several minutes to prepare your experience. You may be prompted to backup, we recommended that you agree to the backup before making any changes.

Select view my automations. Depending on the size of your project, it may take several minutes to populate your automations. 

By default, any programming that your dealer has performed for you will be locked. Anything that is locked can be unlocked by your dealer at your request.

In the “show me” drop down, select my automation to see the automations that are unlocked. There will be no lock symbol for these items. Select the unlocked item that you would like to change. The kids would leave for school without turning off their lights and locking the doors. Control4 home automation programming offered the solution. When the top of the master bath light switch is double tapped, the bathroom lights turn on, the Pandora Coast Modern Radio plays music, the boys bathroom is turned off and the exterior doors all lock.

To change the music in the bathroom, select add actions.

The list of available actions will automatically populate.

Scroll down and choose “play a radio station” to choose a station that you have listened to previously in your Tune In or Pandora account.

Choose the radio station that you would like to add.

Select the room that you would like the music to play in.

Choose when you would like this action to take place.

Mark the original station as inactive. You have the option to delete it completely by clicking the trash can icon, but it may be preferable to leave them both to switch back and forth more easily. Be sure to click the green done button to save the changes.


That’s it!  You just changed the music that is programmed to your light switch.