Customize Your Wake Scene

You can easily create or change a wake scene that will play music, turn on the lights and open the shades for you at the time and on the days that you choose.

From the Control4 app choose the room that you want to set a wake alarm in. Tap the wake icon. Please note that the dealer must add this app to your room if you don’t see it.

Tap options to choose your preferred wake settings.

Tap turn on media. Three sections may be visible: media, lighting and shades. Tap source to choose a media service. If you don’t see any sources, you will need to add streaming services and favorites first.

Tap to choose the streaming service you would like to play when your wake alarm goes off.

Select the station that you would like the alarm to play. The stations automatically populate based on the music you have in your streaming service favorites.

Tap the back arrow to return to the wake screen and repeat for lighting and shades if these have been included in your project.

To set alarm preferences, tap the time in the center of the screen.

Choose the time and days that you would like to set the alarm for and tap done.

Tap the on/off button to turn the alarm on.

Your alarm is now set. The app lights up and your selections become visible.

The volume settings generally default to the last volume used. To set a static wake volume, determine the level you would like in the room and provide your dealer with the number displayed on the slide bar.

That’s it!  You just customized your wake scene.