Video Doorbell Guide

You can easily view live camera footage, speak with someone at the door, unlock the door for them, see historical activity and even text a video clip at any time!

From the Control4 app choose a room that has the video doorbell and select cameras. If you don’t see cameras in the room, select security. Then press and hold cameras to favorite it to the main room screen.

The live video doorbell image should be automatically displayed.

Tap the rewind icon in the top right corner to view historical camera footage.

The list of historical activity should be displayed. Tap the event you would like to watch. 

Press play. If you would like the video to record a longer clip, your dealer can extend the recording to up to 20 seconds for you.

If you ever need to provide footage to the police, you can easily send it by text. Press and hold your selection.

Tap your text message icon and choose a recipient.

The video clip should be automatically added to your text message and its ready to send.

A doorbell press initiates a call to your phone so that you can speak to the person at the door. Your dealer can add buttons to lock and unlock the door. Choose any .wav file to customize your doorbell sound.

Would you like to know when your packages are delivered? Ask your dealer to set up push notifications for you. Even if the doorbell wasn’t pressed, you will receive a push notification on your phone with an image to see what motion was detected.