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The Future of Home Automation

The era of “smart homes” has dawned, and millions of Americans now own appliances that are technologically enhanced to improve lives. While it has taken some time to win over the population, automated devices such as thermostats, televisions, lights and more have made everyday tasks more streamlined and efficient. Now with the onset of the Internet of Things shared network, the foundation is set for all of your household tasks to be automated with a breeze. The future is bright with the following advancements in home automation.

Continual Integration

While many technologies exist to facilitate different aspects of your home life, they are often produced by different companies. Nest specializes in your home temperature, Ring makes security improvements, and Amazon, Google, and Apple all have voice activated systems to control other home actions. As these companies further improve their own products, a likely future has these companies integrating their products to make all of your devices compatible.

Smart Kitchen Technology

Automated kitchen tech has already begun to enter the market, but look for this market to grow quite quickly in the near future. With the average American leading a hectic life, the idea of remotely controlled ovens, crockpots, and refrigerators will be a huge draw to homeowners. Amazon is already working on technology to be able to shop for groceries based off of what your fridge is missing. These types of advances are the next frontier of home tech.

Further Progress with Appliances

As your house temperature controls, lighting systems, and kitchen appliances continue to become automated, the rest of your home devices will soon catch up as well. With all of these tools connected on the Internet of Things, the eventual goal is that items such as your laundry and vacuuming machines will be integrated with the rest of your home tech.

Cohesive Audio-Visual Integration in Central Florida

As home technology continues to increase and evolve, everyday tasks will become simple and seamless. However, a smart home is not complete unless its home entertainment system is as cohesive as its other appliances. At AVI Orlando, we specialize in installing entertainment audio-visual systems that ensure a flawless experience when you kick back and relax. All of our speakers and movie tools are wireless and can even connect to your other home systems, further easing your way of life. To learn more about our services and products call us today at 321-228-5053.