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How Does Lightning Damage Electronics?

Does Lightning Effect Electronics?

With summer in Florida comes the daily afternoon thunderstorm. Most of the time it is only a slight inconvenience to outdoor activities since it clears up after an hour or so. But, it can become much more frustrating when you find out your home has sustained electrical damage. While serious incidents like homes burning down are rare, electronics like TVs, game systems, lighting, and audio systems are frequently fried by electrical surges from lightning.

Electrical Surges

Lightning hitting your home will destroy its electrical system and anything plugged into outlets. There could also be a potential risk of fire, as well. While a direct strike is relatively uncommon, most of the time when electronics in your home are damaged, it is because of an electrical surge. These occur when lighting strikes either the ground near power lines or the lines themselves that are connected to your house. The lightning sends a huge flow of energy up through these lines, terminating the circuits inside electronic devices or in your home’s electrical panel. Surge protectors on outlets and circuit breakers are in place to protect electronics from an unsafe energy flow, but they can be overpowered by the immense amount of energy that lightning strikes transmit. The aftermath can be severe: melted or fused-together wires which are now useless and destroyed electronic devices. In many cases, it is too costly to try to fix the damaged components and you will instead have to replace the destroyed items.

Protecting Your Home and Property

To prevent lightning from damaging electronics inside your home, you could get a lightning rod professionally installed to ground all the energy before reaching your electrical panel. Otherwise, you should have a quality surge protector on your electrical panel so it can prevent the surge from reaching wires running to your outlets. Lastly, you can install surge protectors on phone lines, TV Cables, and ethernet cables to prevent your phones, TV, computer, modem, and router from being fried by lightning.

Electrical System Experts

Are your home’s electrical system or electronic components at risk of being destroyed by a lightning strike? The professionals at AVI can help you keep your electronics safe. We specialize in the installation of audio-visual systems of all kinds for homes and businesses, from home theaters to security cameras. No job is too big or small for us. To learn more about or services, please give us a call at 407-801-0572.

The Importance of Surge Protection

In 2018, if you have your high-dollar, sensitive electronics plugged directly into the wall with no surge protection, you are begging for trouble. Many of us understand the importance of surge protection, whether it be from first or third-hand experience. However, some choose not to use a surge protector because it’s either not often thought about or they think, “It can’t happen to me.”

Your electronics may be fine today, but remember, it only takes one instance for all that to change.

Outlets are supposed to supply your electronics with a constant, consistent supply of electricity. But because of lightning, a problem with the power grid, or even other electronics in your home that require a large amount of power, a sudden power surge or spike can happen and the resulting increase in voltage can cause very costly damage.

Surge Protectors

Standard outlets have no protection against power surges. While there are single-outlet surge protectors that only protect a single item at a time, the most popular form of surge protector comes in the form of a power strip.

There are a variety of different technologies used in surge protectors to protect your electronics, but they all do the same thing. They use a component to divert any excess energy over a safe amount away from your devices, so they stay safe.

Though surge protectors most commonly come in the format of a power strip, not all power strips are surge protectors. Be sure it specifically says it has a surge protector on board, otherwise you may be putting your electronics at unnecessary risk.

Surge protectors don’t last forever, though. They are rated for specific amounts of energy dissipation (joules), and once they reach their threshold either through multiple small surges or one large instance, they need to be replaced.

Surge protectors are often forgot about when electricity supply is not in question, and they wouldn’t even be needed if electricity never malfunctioned, but that just isn’t the case. Be safe rather than sorry with any one of the many surge protection options available on the market. It is cheap insurance against an instance that could become very expensive.

At AVI Orlando, our experts can help choose the best surge protection option that suits your needs. Whether you need a single outlet protected, or want to protect your entire home, we have you covered. Call us to learn more about surge protection or to schedule your free consultation at 407-801-0572.