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Best Places to Mount Security Cameras

Security cameras are an effective way to protect your property and belongings from burglars and thieves. Security systems have become even more accessible to the general public in recent years, as they have become more efficient and less expensive. However, the best security cameras in the world are useless if they are pointed at the wrong location. If your cameras have a limited viewing area or are obstructed, then your money is just going to go down the drain. To maximize your home’s protection, here are some tips on where you should put your security cameras.

Front Door

The most important place to have a camera is right above your front door. Despite the open location and lack of cover, your front door remains the most common entrance spot for a thief. Keep any camera at least 8-10 feet off of the ground so that a burglar cannot tamper with it. A front door camera also deters those pesky package thieves that steal your deliveries, and monitors any other activity that takes place when you are away.

Other Entryways

After your front door is covered, it is time to look at the other places where a crook can crack in. Weak doors and old windows are easy to enter, so putting cameras on your back door and side windows is a wise investment. Having cameras in these locations can make a burglar think twice before trying to enter your house.

Prominent Locations

Once you set up cameras at all of the possible entrances to your home, you can start adding to the other locations and beef up the security of your property. Setting up surveillance on your yard, driveway, and backyard spaces can notify you of any odd activity, and also keep track of your family and friends if you are gone. Another strong spot to monitor is a main hallway or living room inside the house. Putting a camera in a heavily trafficked area means that anyone that comes into the house is caught on tape in the event of a home invasion.

Places NOT to Place Cameras

There are some places where it is not a good idea to put security cameras. Any cameras that infringe on the privacy of your neighbor’s property are not a good idea, and are illegal in some states. Likewise, refrain from putting cameras inside bedrooms or bathrooms. People enjoy having privacy in those places, and having a camera in there is unnecessary and creepy.

Central Florida Security Experts

Security is an important need in a world where break-ins are common, and we know that protecting your family and valuables is one of your utmost concerns. That is why we at AVI Orlando are dedicated to providing you with the best security possible for your home. With top-of-the-line surveillance cameras and highly trained staff, we will help you keep your family and house safe and sound. Call us today at 407-233-1880 to learn more about our services.

Putting the Music First with Yamaha

Integrating sound equipment into your desired space is a crucial service which we value greatly at AVI Orlando. Providing a way to seamlessly create an environment with our gear that fits your yamaha orlandoneeds is our main goal, which is why we only offer the best.

Top of the Line Equipment

Yamaha is the world’s largest manufacturer of instruments along with producing products for both audio and visual functions. From the actual construction of the products featuring cross member frames and detachable power cords to the incredibly unmatched sound quality which is comparable to that from a studio, the excellence in the engineering of Yamaha products is unrivaled. This intense attention to detail provides for an overall phenomenal user experience.

Providing our customers is with a great service is paramount and Yamaha makes doing so easier than ever. The superiority of their products works in tandem with our loyalty to ensuring fantastic customer service. Tech lovers have their dream setup whether it be a home studio or theater and at AVI we offer installation of all Yamaha products to guarantee your ideal setup can become a dream come true. We also provide the One Remote feature which allows you to control all of your equipment with one universal remote for simplicity and ease.

The Brand You Can Trust

Yamaha has been in business since 1887, and with over a century’s worth of experience, the quality of their products speaks for itself. Yamaha is “Powered by Music, ” and by putting the music first, they have managed to create a brand for themselves which anyone would be proud to own, and we at AVI are proud to sell. If you are interested in upgrading your home studio with fantastic equipment, give us a call today at 407-801-0572 and request your free consultation.