Customize Your Sleep Timer

You can easily create or change a sleep scene that will turn off your music, lights and close the shades for you.

From the Control4 app choose the room that you want to set a sleep timer in. Tap the sleep icon. Please note that the dealer must add this app to your room if you don’t see it.

Tap the center to select your sleep timer preferences.

Select the amount of time you would like to pass before the sleep timer turns off your selections.

Tap options.

Select the items that you would like to turn off. If you have automated shades and blinds installed in your project, that option will also be visible here.

Tap the back arrow to return to the sleep screen.

Tap start to activate the sleep timer.

Your sleep timer is now set. The app lights up and your selections become visible. Your room will turn off automatically at the end of the time you selected.

If you would prefer to add a sleep timer to your remote control, your dealer can program a custom button for you. One press of the button can turn off the lights, close the shades, lock the doors, close the garage and set a sleep timer to turn off the TV in an hour. Ask your dealer to unlock this programming and you will be able to make changes anytime using when-then at

That’s it!  You just customized your sleep scene.