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Covert Security Camera Installations in Orlando

Often referred to as “Nanny cams”, Covert Security Cameras are the perfect way to obtain undetected surveillance. In some settings, having a security camera that is blatant to the eye is not an option. Covert Security Cameras come in all disguises, so there is always a camera for every setting. We have a wide selection of Covert Cameras for any situation including:

  • Wall Outlets
  • Motion Detectors
  • Smoke Detectors
  • Wall and Alarm Clocks
  • Book and Binders

  • Stereos and Speakers
  • Sprinkler Heads
  • Pencil Sharpeners
  • Much, Much More

Covert security cameras offer real-time surveillance on many devices such as smartphones, tablets, PCs, Macs. This gives the resident the ability to live stream video to their device so they can always see what’s happening in their home. The security system can also be setup to notify the owner whenever the camera senses motion, so you can leave your home in comfort. Footage can be rewound and watched at any time at your convenience to ensure you miss nothing.

At AVI Orlando we know the safety of your home, daycare and business is of upmost importance. We not only want to install a state of the art security system, but want to show you how to use it, as well. We take the time to walk each customer through the system’s functions and answer any questions they may have. We will not leave until you feel comfortable with every aspect of your new security system.

Whether you are just in the market for a Covert Security Camera or an entire Security System, AVI Orlando is here to take your home or business to the next level of safety. We have set out to make Orlando and other surrounding areas a safer place to live. Contact us today to make an appointment with our security system team at 407-223-1880.