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License Plate Camera

License Plate Cameras

One of the biggest misconceptions is that a security camera can capture a license plate number. Cameras work by taking many image slices and assembling them together to create an image. This is called the frame rate. We offer high frame rate cameras that can clearly capture license plate, vehicle and driver detail.

License plate camera at gate

Gate Security

One of the biggest gate problems is tailgating vehicles. The first vehicle has valid access and a second follows closely gaining unauthorized access. Combined use of our high definition specialty cameras can identify the driver and the license plate number. Ask us about other anti-tailgating strategies that may also be beneficial.

Optex Mini Red Scan Laser

Is preventing intruders from making it to the other side of your wall important for your community? If you don’t have right-of-way or easement access, consider our mini red scan lasers that can be installed directly on top of your wall. That way your security needs are met and you don’t encroach on another persons property.

perimeter optex beam in front of fence

Is unauthorized access to your property a concern? Our perimeter security systems can provide both indoor and outdoor detection. It can be customized and expanded to your specific requirements, elevation changes and topography. It provides notification to intruders to deter additional attempts to access your property.

4 waterfront optex perimeter beams

Do you have unwanted visitors accessing your property to use your pools, amenities docks or  other facilities? Is your waterfront secure? Do you have unwelcome boat traffic through your marina? We can provide various solutions based on your specific situation. Call us today at 321-228-5053 to discuss your waterfront security.  

security camera installed under eave

Security Cameras

Security is important in a world where break-ins are common. Our top quality security cameras can be viewed remotely on your device so you don’t have to worry about intruders. We also offer license plate cameras and extended recording capabilities. Click here to get a free copy of our Security Camera Planning Guide.

Optex Perimeter Security Beam

Wireless beams are unique and effective because they are battery operated they can be quickly deployed. They can be placed almost anywhere that you would like to have them and they also cover large distances. When an intruder does cross, they report to a centralized monitoring station or panel so you know immediately.

Large Optex Red Scan Laser

Red scan lasers use analytics that can be trained to recognize what you want it to look for and what to ignore. Would you like to know if someone leaves an item behind, if someone lingers for an extended period of time, or if an item on display goes missing? Red scan lasers identify changes and notify you immediately.

AVI Patent Pending Sentry Pole

Our patented sentry pole may be added to a perimeter security system. When a beam or laser is broken, the siren, lights, and cameras are automatically triggered. This alerts you, records the activity, and notifies the intruder so they know they have been detected. Visit to learn more. 

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