Security Trailer

You can easily view the security trailer camera footage and audio recordings remotely from your device.

In the app store, download the ClareVision app.

After you have downloaded the app and opened it, tap agree to the user agreement.

Tap the menu bars in the top left corner of your screen.

Tap add device.

Select NVR.

Tap device is on a remote network.

Tap the icon on the bottom left. This will open your camera to scan the QR code shown below.

Scan this QR code.

Password and device name were included in the email that provided the link that brought you to this webpage.

If credentials were entered correctly, you should see device added to your account check mark.

Once the device has been successfully added, you will see four cameras pop up on the screen.

Touch each of the four cameras to see the check mark. Ignore the “no channel available” options and tap the add channels button.

Once the four cameras pop up, tap the done button.

After selecting the done button, your cameras should be visible.