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Optex REDWALL: High-Detection Video Surveillance Technology

AVI is a Certified Preferred Optex Integrator with extensive experience in the Optex REDWALL Product Series. To ensure consistent monitoring and limited false alarms, REDWALL detectors maintain the same detection sensitivity no matter the time of day and use more than a camera lens to determine a possible threat.

Synthesized Intelligent Passive Infrared (SIP Series)

The REDWALL SIP series reduces false alarms, offers alarm source locate an

d control, and protects from vandalism with its outdoor detector. The highly reliable detector features five advanced sensing technologies for more effective surveillance at a lower cost. 

Redscan Laser Detector

The Optex Redscan can streamline video surveillance with four remote video outputs and up to 8 detection areas. This laser detector also has the ability to be mounted either vertically or horizontally to fit even the most complicated monitoring areas, while still detecting a moving object’s or person’s size, speed, and distance.

Redbeam PhotoElectric Detector

For outdoor perimeter security, the Optex Redbeam PhotoElectric Detector is top of the line. Its water-proof transmitter and receiver units offer precision protection and compatibility with various networks, VMS platforms, and IP cameras. Customized towers are also available to fit your application’s specifications.

PIE-1 PoE IP Encoder

Expand your security capabilities with the Optex PoE IP Encoder. The encoder makes it easy to add any Optex sensor to your security network by acting as a power splitter. It also can double as a REDWALL Event Command encoder, which sends the appropriate ASVII alarm command(s) to your network.

Whether you’re looking to feel safe at home or protect your investments and the equipment at your business, AVI’s certified technicians can help. For more information about our surveillance camera options or the REDWALL product series, contact AVI today at 407-233-1880.