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The EL-2000 bullet camera is designed for professional surveillance, anytime of the day or night. Bullet cameras are utilized in various surveillance Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) video applications for video monitoring systems. The security camera and lens is built in a single integrated housing unit that is made of hard weather resistant materials. Making the EL-2000 waterproof and weatherproof, as well as having vandal resistant characteristics. In essence, the EL-2000 security system is designed for maximum durability, allowing this security system to endure harsh outdoor conditions.

The EL-2000 CCTV surveillance bullet camera is well constructed and designed with value added benefits; featuring panoramic Wide Lux Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) performance and Intelligent Infrared (IR) image capability. As a result, whether the camera is being utilized inside or outside; the EL-2000 is able to properly function in low light (low lux) and poorly lit areas.

ICRealtime’s MAX series of DVRs are available in 3 ranges. Consisting of 4, 8, and 16- channel platforms; providing economical solutions, without sacrificing operational and recording quality standards.

The MAX Series DVR enhanced (H.264) compression technology improves video streaming capabilities and reduces the storage space needed to archive extended days of recorded video. Based on the embedded high speed microprocessors and LINUX operation system, this compression allows for clean viewing on the Internet, over narrow bandwidth and increases storage space. The Max4 DVR (digital video recorder) has advanced web access capabilities, full system integration and synchronized audio and video recording features that are a suitable, for professional installations.

The EL-400 PIXIM dome camera is powered by Pixim’s Ultra Dynamic Pixel system; providing an array of technical digital enhancements in image viewing and quality. Descriptive pinpoint shots are created through a variety of circumstances; including strong light reflections, high-contrast environments, and outdoor lightening. Even under extreme lighting conditions, the EL-400 camera overcomes a variety of over-exposure issues including facial details, object recognition, and other image clarity elements. The EL-400 PIXIM dome cam delivers high quality, high resolution, and very accurate picture capability. Making digital images easily viewed and captured by the EL-400PIXIM.