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Dome Surveillance Camera

Indoor Security Cameras

Indoor security cameras may be beneficial depending on your circumstances.  Many business owners have installed security cameras above cash registers to deter theft and keep track of money changing hands at the cash register.  Others have installed cameras in areas where customers or employees frequent.

Dome Security Cameras

Dome security cameras tend to be more discreet.  They typically blend into the environment a little better and they offer some mystery because looking at the device, you can’t really tell what direction it’s pointed.  There are limitations to this type of camera because it generally must be installed to an upper platforms or ceiling.

White Security Camera on black wall

Bullet Security Cameras

When bullet security cameras are mounted, it is clear what direction they are pointed and what area is being recorded.  These cameras offer more flexibility when it comes to installation and generally have better range.  Many camera systems implement both bullet and dome cameras to match the project specifications.

Security Cameras on Remote Control

Ease of Use

Tired of needing multiple remote controls?  Home automation is the solution.  Our professional installation team is ready to help clear out the clutter and provide ease of use to access your security cameras and more.  Let us help enhance your audio-visual experience at home with automation that simplifies the process.

Security Cameras on TV

Watch on Television

Would you like to view your security cameras in your living room?  Just like changing the channel, you can choose to your security cameras real time from your couch.  Playback video can be viewed at each individual camera or you can view all at once.  Please note that images above have been intentionally blurred in the photo.

Security Cameras on Device

Remote Viewing

With Control 4 home automation, you can choose which device to turn on from a single tablet style remote control.  Control your entire home entertainment system or security camera system with the touch of a button.  Easily switch back and forth from watching television to viewing your security cameras real time.

Front Door Security Camera

Front Door Cameras

Front door cameras are an integral part of your home security.  Cameras often deter intruders and can be incorporated with whole home coverage.  There are several options that allow you to view your cameras remotely and see who is at your front door.  Cameras can be strategically placed to be discreet but obtain great images.

security camera installed under eave

Outdoor Cameras

Outdoor security cameras are important to capture activity on your property.  It is important to use cameras that have night vision capabilities and that the range is set to provide the optimum coverage for your project.  In hot, humid climates it’s important to use high quality cameras that are rated for constant outdoor use.

Dual Mounted Security Cameras

Security Camera Coverage

Security cameras may be mounted next to each other so that video is captured in both directions.  This method provides complete coverage with an appearance that is typically more pleasing to the homeowner.  Be sure to clean your camera lenses often because dirt, water drops dust and spiderwebs can affect your video quality. 

AVI Patent Pending Sentry Pole

Perimeter Security Cameras

Security cameras can be installed around the perimeter of your property.  If there is no fence, wall or post to mount to, a sentry pole can be added to provide security camera coverage, activate strobe lights and audible siren.  An intruder will most likely turn around and leave when the breach notifications sound.

License Plate Camera

License Plate Cameras

One of the biggest misconceptions is that a security camera can capture a license plate number.  Cameras work by taking many image slices and assembling them together to create an image.  This is called the frame rate.  We offer high frame rate cameras that can clearly capture license plate, vehicle and driver detail.

security camera installed under eave

Outdoor Rated Cameras

Our top quality security cameras are weather resistant and water proof.  The enclosures, lenses and seals are rated for continual outdoor use and direct sun exposure.  If you’d like, our cameras can set up to be viewed remotely on your device at any time.  Have peace of mind that your security camera system investment will last.

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