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Orlando Home Automation

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Many of the times when more complicated home cinemas are installed in residential homes there becomes an added difficulty in the functioning of these devices. For home cinemas there are usually many different devices that cooperate together and for each device there is a different remote or control. An average home theater set up can have around 3 to 4 remotes including all of the lighting controls. This can be a headache for many users if they do not know which buttons to press. If the user is not able to operate his or her own home theatre products what good would it be to them?

At AVI, we want our customers to feel comfortable using their newly installed audio visual technology and when we mean comfortable we mean from the comfort of their couch. There is a solution for a more simplified alternative to having multiple remotes. The solution is Orlando home automation. For the best home automation guide we recommend the Control 4 home automation unit.

The Control 4 home automation unit understands the new platform for today’s digital homes. It combines the multiple remotes you have into one simple to control, touch screen interface. Putting in an Orlando home automation unit for a home with the Control 4 device allows the user to

Control the Following Devices:

  • Multi-room music

  • Mobile

  • Safety and security

  • Lighting

  • Energy management

  • Home theater

  • And many more!

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