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Orlando Home Automation Guide

Billions of people inhabit and share the single planet upon which we live. Limited resources are shared or competed for. We have a responsibility to consider the impact of our decisions on the current and future environment. We also have the alternative of exploring, accessing, or acquiring green technology as a viable option for sustainable living.

Green technology is environmentally considerate and promotes Eco-friendly techniques, materials, and products. This extends from the usage of non-toxic products to energy generation for heating, cooling, cleaning, and obtaining water. The proper utilization of available green technology contributes substantially to careful environmental management.

Automation of systems or resources in our homes, workplaces, and society is becoming more prolific and more progressive. Things such as lighting, Thermostats, electronics, and security systems can all be automated, making these systems easier to control while you’re away. By automating the systems in your home or business, you have more control of how much energy you are expending. Less energy used means less of a carbon footprint. Here are a few other benefits when it comes to saving energy with automation:

  • With the total control that automation provides, you may for example, turn the temperature of your home up a few degrees when leaving for work, and turn it down again on your way home. This means that the home will be cool when you return, and that you also have more control over how much you are paying for your energy bills.
    Automation systems will cost you less in the long run.
  • You may turn on lighting and/or appliances on in your home while you are away which will make people think that you are still at home, making your home even more secure.
  • Your home’s entire Audio/Video system can be controlled remotely, or from a single point in the home, it is your choice.
  • Our Control 4 system can be controlled via IOS/Android app, Control 4 proprietary controllers, and may even be controlled by Amazon’s “Echo” appliance.

Incorporating a home automation guide such as Control 4 technology in your household, is a great way to go Green.
For all your automation needs, AVI can help. Our experts will work with you to help decide what type of automation is right for you.

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