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At AVI Orlando, all of our equipment works to create a thriving, innovative environment for your space. With a full line of affordable home automation products, we are transforming the electronics industry. All of our equipment – from wireless controllers to touch screen dashboards, help to control lighting, sound, temperature, and security. Best of all, our equipment is easy to use and affordable.

Efficient Products. Optimal Service.

AVI Orlando’s product line is remarkable – and so are our employees who assist in installation and sales support. We have a strong networking team in place, trained in all aspects of technical support. With full access to cutting edge innovation techniques, we can help make the installation process in your home or office smooth, and work with your budget while still offering outstanding support and service to our customers.

With an efficient and innovative product line, we provide excellent customer service and will work to ensure quality control with all of your merchandise. We meet the highest standard in equipment installation and can fully capture the technological advances that make home automation solutions possible.

Smart, innovative products and professionally trained dealers are a critical part of Control4’s formula for success. But effective quality control, training, and support programs are equally important. These programs ensure that every Control4 product meets the highest standards and every dealer and installer is fully capable of turning great technology into the best possible home automation solutions.

One Remote Entertainment Experience

Whether it’s for your home or office, the environment where you share your entertainment should be relaxing and free from technological errors. That’s where AVI Orlando comes in. With our one remote entertainment features, we offer a universal remote solution that is the brains behind all of your technology. This is the perfect starting point for your audio and video equipment. Say goodbye multiple remotes and hello effortless efficiency. For information on Control4 with Level 2 Tech,  AVI Orlando today at 407-801-0572.