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Klipsch dealer and installer at AVI OrlandoAs one of the first companies in the United States to produce home theatre and loud system speakers, Klipsch has been dedicated to bringing the best out of sound quality in home and outdoor areas. Since being hand built in 1946, Klipsch is now one of leading players in their industry developing some of the finest audio speakers in the world. From the loud concerts outdoors to the home theatre like experiences indoors, Klipsch is known for always being able to live up to its expectation.

With the attention to detail in audio, Klipsch now offers a wide variety of indoor and outdoor speakers for every lifestyle, application, and budget. From computer speakers to professional cinemas, Klipsch offers a diverse product portfolio to fit the solution for you. At AVI, we have high standards in the clarity and sound quality in our audio and we are a firm believer that Klipsch delivers time after time.

With the evolution of electronics today, homes are now a digital mess with all of the remote controls lying around. As a leader in home automation, Control 4 understands the new platform for today’s digital homes and offers an easier solution for a more simplified alternative while getting the most out of your new technology. A home automation unit controls all of the products within your house from the lighting to your sound or security system. With only having one device to control everything it makes everything simpler and effortless. Control 4 gives you the opportunity to control everything in your household from the comfort of your couch.

Control 4 eliminates the head ache involved with operating and or finding multiple remotes and gives you the ultimate in entertainment experience. Users can experience the safety, the convenience, the comfort, and the economy from affordable wired and wireless automation. While meeting all lifestyles, the Control 4 system is easy to operate and with it you can always add future products to it later down the road. This is a complete solution to your digital home by integrating the control of lighting, audio, video, landscape and climate into a single easy-to-use system. Just as Control 4 understands the benefits in home automation, here at AVI, we want our customers to have a great entertainment experience and feel that Control 4 is the right product to wrap it all together.

Yamaha Equipment installed by AVI OrlandoAs a leading producer of audio/visual products, Yamaha is also known for its great selection of musical instruments. It is the world’s largest in the manufacturing of musical instruments and because of this is due to its rich musical history and advanced engineers.

Yamaha Receiver installed by AVI OrlandoYamaha offers unparalleled attention to detail in design, engineering, and fabrication. With all of their products you can expect studio quality sound and great clarity. From the engineering of their cross member frames to the detachable power cord you can expect the best from the engineers at Yamaha.

Electronics repair at AVI OrlandoYamaha and its engineers are powered by music and this is why their new tag line, “Powered by Music”, is a true belief of what Yamaha stands for. Since 1887, Yamaha has been doing it right and they have built a respectable brand name. At AVI, we care about the attention to detail and know our customers want the best and we are proud to offer and install Yamaha products in our lineup.