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Maitland Audio Visual Integration

If you’re looking to add any audio-visual features to your Maitland home, whether it’s an upgrade of a media space or an installation of a full-scale security system, AVI offers superior services that will allow you to create your dream setup. Here are some of our most popular audio-visual services.

Security Cameras

We know that protecting your family, home, or business is a top priority. In a world where a break-in can happen to anyone at any time, However, our security cameras can help keep you safe. Footage from our exceptional security camera systems at AVI can be streamed remotely on any of your devices so you’re able to view activity at your residence anytime and anywhere. Additional features of these cameras include real-time surveillance, push notifications to your electronic device, and the ability to rewind and replay footage. Along with regular security cameras, we also offer license plate cameras and extended recording capabilities.

Theater Rooms

A home theater is a dream for many homeowners, as it can provide an excellent space for entertainment — instantly upgrading movie nights, sports-watching parties, and gaming. AVI can turn your video room into your own dream theater by providing premier HD picture and sound, along with a deluxe seating arrangement.

Smart Home Automation

Upgrade your home’s capabilities with home automation, allowing you the convenience of being able to manage all of your lighting device and electronic equipment from a single location. Our smart home technology allows you to remotely control your home and create programs to automatically adjust settings to your liking.

Media Rooms

Similar to an at home-theater, media rooms offer a space dedicated to experiencing entertainment in the best possible way. What makes media rooms different, however, is how adaptable they are to different layouts, allowing you to arrange and decorate the space to suit your vision. 

Surround Sound Systems

Our surround sound systems provide excellent control over audio quality and volume, allowing you to experience top-of-the-line sound. These systems are highly adaptable and can be placed nearly anywhere so you can create the perfect audio atmosphere in any room.

Create Your Perfect Audio-Visual Landscape

If you’re looking to upgrade your Maitland home or business in a way that will greatly increase security or entertainment value, look no further than AVI. We will help you customize the system of your dreams for your specific space and budget, and install it for you, hassle-free. To schedule a free consultation with one of our audio video experts, call us today at 321-228-5053.