Lighting Guide

You can easily create your own lighting scenes and make changes at any time!

From the Control4 app choose the room that has the light that you want to modify and select lighting.

Select the scenes tab.

Tap the pencil icon in the top right corner.

Select the + icon in the upper right corner to create an ew lighting scene.

Choose the room you would like your new lighting scene to be in and tap next.

Select the lights you would like to control with the new lighting scene and tap next.

Slide the lighting level to your preferred brightness and tap the eye icon in the upper right corner to activate the scene so that you can verify the level is what you would like to happen. Tap next.

Choose the rooms you would like this lighting scene to be displayed in and tap next.

Type in a name for your newly created lighting scene and tap done.

Your new scene is created and ready for use. Simply tap the light icon to turn your scene on and off. 

Press and hold to delete, rename or favorite the lighting scene you just created to the room page.

That’s it!  You just created a custom lighting scene.

Your dealer can also add your lighting scenes to custom buttons, remote control programmable buttons, keypad buttons and light switches for you. Each of these can be unlocked in programming so that you are able to make additional changes on your own by selecting when-then after logging into your account at