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Installing Security Cameras for Your Commercial Property

All business owners understand how substantial of an investment their commercial property is. They also understand how hard of a hit it would be if a break-in were to occur. Unfortunately, it is impossible always to stand guard to protect your assets, but that doesn’t mean that you must surrender your business to the mercy of burglars. Installing a security camera system is a phenomenal option to put your mind at ease about the safety of your property.

The Benefits of Security Cameras

Security cameras are a great choice when looking to keep your commercial property protected.  They allow you the peace of mind in knowing that there is constant surveillance. You can increase your security even more by considering options such as:

  • Day/Night Cameras

    A major component to footage is light. Too bright and everything is washed out, making distinguishing aspects of the video difficult. However, if the footage is too dark, nothing is visible. Day/night cameras allow the best of both worlds by adjusting appropriately for lighting, providing you with the best picture possible.

  • Long Range Lenses

    Intruders often look for where cameras are to avoid walking in those spots. You now have the option of using long range cameras capable of watching from far distances to hide your camera farther away and out of their sight. This makes burglars think they are safe while allowing you to monitor any criminals looking to harm your business

  • Wireless Transfer

    Our day/night cameras have the capability to transmit footage wirelessly to devices such as tablets or cell phones so you can monitor your business from the comfort of your home.

  • Weather-Resistant Cases

    The Last thing you want is to pay for a security system only to find that the cameras were badly damaged from a rain storm and are now inoperable. Luckily, we offer weather resistant cases that make exposure to the elements an obsolete concern.

Secure Your Business Today

Your business and the assets within it are too valuable to allow them to go unprotected. At AVI Orlando, our technicians are skilled in not only installation but also assisting you in understanding how the system works to operate it better yourself. Protecting your business is just a phone call away, so call us at 321-228-5053 for your free consultation.