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How Often Should Your Home Security System Be Tested?

A home security system works to safeguard your residential property in more ways than one. Not only can your system provide you with some protective peace of mind, but the simple presence of a security system can deter potential criminal activity on your premises and reduce your home’s risk of being targeted. To ensure that it does its job when you need it most, you’ll need to inspect your home security system every so often. Here is a guideline of how frequently you should test your system and its components.

When to Test Your Home Security System

If properly installed by a professional, your home security system should function without incident. However, there are always unexpected circumstances that can affect its performance. To make sure everything is running smoothly, test your home security system after any of the following events take place.

  • Electrical outage – If a storm or accident causes your home to lose power, your security system’s back-up batteries will kick in to make sure your home is protected until power returns. However, the batteries may drain if power is not restored within 24 hours. To be safe, you should always check that your system is back online once your power comes back on. 
  • Home renovation – When a home is being remodeled or renovated, it’s entirely possible that its security system wires can get unplugged or accidentally cut. Once your home project is completed, have your security system inspected and tested to make sure everything is in working order.
  • Changing internet/phone provider – Many home security systems are wireless and rely on Wi-Fi and/or phone connectivity to operate. If you should happen to switch service providers or replace your router, you’ll need to manually update your system to make sure it’s connected.

What Home Security System Components to Test

Homeowners know to regularly test their home’s smoke detectors and replace their batteries on a routine basis. The same practice can be applied to the varying sensor and alarm components of your home security system to ensure the overall system is operating at peak performance. When inspecting your system, always test the following:

  • Burglar and Camera Alarms
  • Control Panel 
  • Glass Break Sensors 
  • Motion Detectors 
  • Video Cameras

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