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How Automation Saves Money with Energy Management

In the past decade or so, advances in technology have given us even more control over our environment. Of course, things like light switches, thermostats, electric stove tops, computers, and home entertainment systems have been around for a while now. But, they have been made even better in just the past few years: no longer do you have to manually operate these devices to use them. Apps, voice control, and home assistant devices have given us almost magical abilities to control things at a distance with our mere voices or a tap of a finger.

This power of automation has many obvious benefits like making life easier, saving time, and just being plain fun to use. But, when used efficiently, automation can also save you money by helping you use less energy! Think about it – if you can control appliances and home features from anywhere by using your phone, you can make sure that everything you aren’t using is turned off. Some examples include:

  • Turning off any lights you left on

  • Bumping up the thermostat when you are leaving the house for a while

  • Turning off the TV

  • Closing your garage

You could also operate any automated appliances and devices from the office to optimize efficiency. For example, you could start heating up the oven when you are leaving work, so it’s pre-heated when you get home. Or, on your way home, you could crank down the thermostat so your house is back to your desired temperature. Forgot to record the game? Control your entertainment systems right from your computer or smartphone. You spend a lot of time at work, so home automation allows you to make the most of your time at home.

All of these uses of automation save you money, while helping you do your part to minimize your environmental impact. Automation gives you the best of both worlds: reaping the benefits of technology and still being green. By bumping up and down the thermostat whenever you want, you can significantly lower your power bill and energy consumption. Wasteful use of electricity, like leaving electronics on, can be completely eliminated.

Interested in saving money every month while enjoying the benefits of upgraded technology? Who wouldn’t be! At AVI Orlando, we can help you choose the automation system which best suits your needs. One of our favorite systems is Control 4® which allows you to operate a wide variety of electronics in your home simply from one device. Call us today to learn more about home automation or request a free consultation at 321-228-5053.