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Florida Electronics Replacement

The Florida “lightning belt” is an area that stretches from Central Florida to Tampa; forming the lightning and thunderstorm capital of the United States.  Lightning current can travel for long distances on overhead power lines or in underground pipes and cables.

Thus, preventative lightning and surge protection in Florida is a necessity. However, the unfortunate truth is that simply turning a computer ‘off’ will offer no protection from a power surge. Suppressors, surge protectors, and power strips often give a very false sense of security.

Providing limited lightning protection and other damage that may occur, such as: spikes and sags in power lines. These elements can ultimately destroy the motherboards of computers, break down hard drives, and even cause fires! Resulting in lightning damage to electronics in your Florida home, office, or commercial establishment.

Electronic circuitry in modern homes and buildings has become denser, more compact, and increasingly interlinked. Consequently, home and business owners are becoming more vulnerable to damage from lightning surges and power outages in recent years. Both lightning strikes and power surges send energy into conductive materials, such as: cables, phone lines, and electrical components.

Damage is a permanent alteration in the physical properties of one or more components that requires electronic repair or replacement, before the equipment can resume normal operating capabilities. If you, or someone you know has had electrical damage and may require electronics replacement in Florida or repair; give Audio Visual Integration of Orlando, Florida a call at: 407-233-1880