Door Lock Guide

You can easily add users, monitor activity and make changes to your door locks at any time!

From the Control4 app choose the room that has the door lock that you want to modify and select security.

Select locks and sensors.

Press and hold the lock that you would like to view or modify.

Choose manage lock to edit user codes. Choose favorite to room if you’d like to add to the lock to the main room page.

Enter your admin passcode. If you want to set this up or change the code, choose settings, tap the pencil icon to edit and enter the code you would like to use.

From the users tab, choose the user you would like to modify or press the + sign in the upper right corner to add new users.

Enter the new user name, the code you would like to assign to that person and turn the access on. To restrict times the code will work, turn on restricted and set your preferences. Check any other locks under “apply to” that you would like authorize the same user access to.

If restricted access is preferred, choose type, days and times to set up the preferences. This would be useful for allowing a cleaning services access only on the days and times they are scheduled to come clean.

If you would like your doors to automatically lock after a specific amount of time, choose settings and auto lock time.

Select how much time you would like to pass before the doors lock automatically.

Tap the history tab to view the activity on the door lock.  You can see the date, time and user details.

That’s it!  You just programmed your door lock.