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Day/Night Security Cameras in Orlando

When a customer is looking for the best choice in all-around security performance and dependability, we suggest the use of day/night security cameras. This is a versatile security camera option that can provide quality video in dark and light conditions. Their functionality makes them a popular choice for both residential and commercial properties.

All Weather Capabilities

Day/night security cameras not only work in any light, but they also are available in rugged, weather-resistant cases. This makes the camera suitable for rain, snow, heat, dust and other weather elements. In Orlando, we deal with extreme conditions on a regular basis. Having a security camera that can take the everyday abuse is important when it comes to protecting your belongings. AVI Orlando has a team of professional security camera installers that can build a complete security system for your specific needs.

A security system needs to be built explicitly for the layout of the premises at hand. Day/night security cameras are often used in office buildings and retail stores for their ability to adapt to light levels. Of course, other cameras can be used, such as long range cameras, to give a more diverse set of protection for any situation.

AVI Orlando knows what it takes to build the ultimate security system. Our day/night security cameras can be setup to transmit wirelessly to cellphones, tablets, or any other wireless devices, so your home is always protected. Our technicians are available to train you on how to properly utilize the systems we configure and answer any questions you may have.

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Having a state of the art security system installed in your home or business is just a call away. AVI Orlando only provides top-level quality and service that is unparalleled by our competitors. If you’re in the Central Florida area and are looking to have a Day/Night camera or an entire security system installed, call AVI today at (407) 233-1880.