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Control4 Installation

The Internet of Things (IoT) has made smart home automation a reality and offers homeowners convenience and efficiency in everything from entertainment options and efficient HVAC control to comprehensive home security. Control4 builds on this trend with a product that offers safety, security, convenience, and peace of mind. Professional and experienced installation by AVI Orlando ensures that you enjoy all the benefits this home automation system offers.

Control4 Overview

Control4 is a highly reviewed home automation system backed by excellent customer tools and resources and exemplary after-market support. Learn why this system is a standout in the industry.


Control4 is a reputable smart home automation systems provider, established in 2003. It’s an industry leader with a reputation for quality and value. Control4 focuses exclusively on smart home automation, ensuring that its products are backed by valuable research, know-how, and expertise in this ever-evolving field.


Control4 boasts compatibility with more than 12,000 consumer devices and 24 security brands! Whether you rely on Google Home, Amazon’s Alexa, MOON or numerous other IoT virtual assistant offerings on the market, Control4 provides integration.


This user-friendly device is a breeze to operate. Personalization options, cutting-edge technology, and rapid responsiveness helps you enjoy the many features available through this system. There’s no need to be tech savvy to reap the many benefits of Control4. Plus, when you choose our skilled team to install your system, our technicians take the time to ensure you understand exactly how to get most out of it.


With Control4, you’re always in control – from any location. Use the mobile app that mimics touchscreen controllers when you’re away. Onsite, the touchscreen controllers give you all the power you’d ever want to control your environment.


Easy customization allows you to design a system that meets your personal needs and that of your family members. You can add new devices to the system, change existing settings, manage your smart home features through control schemes and perform many other functions with ease.

Smart Installation for a Smart Home System

Get the most out of your Control4 system. Choose the premium installer in the Orlando area – AVI, Audio Visual Integration. Our knowledgeable team has earned the distinction of being authorized Control4 professional installers. To better serve our Orlando-area customers, we always have Level 2 technicians on staff to make installation and tech support an easier process. Contact us today to discuss Control4 installation for your Florida home.