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At AVI Orlando, we want your new home or building to be as safe as possible. We encourage all our customers to consider new construction pre-wiring. Pre-wiring ensures that your electricity will work even before your home or building’s walls go up. In addition, pre-wiring gives our technicians a chance to inspect the construction site and beginnings of your building for potential problems. All our technicians are certified in new construction pre-wiring. They are available to inspect and repair issues with new building construction at any time during the construction process.

Additionally, your new construction pre-wiring can include a modern commercial security system. At AVI Orlando, we sell and install the latest equipment to keep your home or business secure. We specialize in security cameras with remote view; feeds are accessible from your computer, phone, or tablet. Pre-wiring a security system into your building lets technicians walk you through the installation process, as well as how each component works. In addition, pre-wiring your building with a security system may reduce the likelihood of intruders during and after construction.