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Audio and Video Distribution

AVI Orlando takes the steps to properly setup your business with the right audio and video system. If you are looking to produce a comfortable atmosphere for customers as they go through your office a great audio and video distribution system is what you need. For many commercial businesses it may seem like a waste. Having a proper distribution between your audio and video throughout your office is an added feature that many would not expect.

AVI Orlando evaluates and provides a consultation on your commercial space. We evaluate what you are looking for and see how we can maximize the space for speakers and a flat panel TV. Finding the right location for a television makes it easier for those who are waiting. We work in creating an entire network that will extend past the waiting room and into the rest of your office.

The companies we work with use the space to expand their brand and provide customers a comfortable atmosphere during a visit. With remote access from any room you will be able to modify the video distribution throughout all the rooms or one television. Call us today at 407-223-1880 or email us to request a proposal.