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Boardroom Audio Visual Integration

An integrated boardroom with audio and visual capabilities improves the business’ ability to focus and work collaboratively on the current issues. Modern boardrooms give businesses communication flexibility and a seamless audio visual integration (AVI) experience. If you’re searching for AVI in Central Florida, look no further than AVI Orlando.

Elevate the Boardroom Experience

Today, the boardroom serves as an extension of the office. Professionals can easily connect mobile devices to powerful displays and share information with other meeting attendees. Boardroom AVI setups include:

  • Remote functionality. Control the meeting from a remote control. You can connect, adjust volume, and more from one, user-friendly device.
  • Seamless connectivity. At AVI Orlando, we strive to make each setup as straightforward and user-friendly as possible.
  • High-quality visual displays. See your presentation or a remote attendee with clarity when you invest in a commercial display or projection system.
  • Lighting controls. Adjust the lighting during a presentation with connected rooms.

Develop a Modern Boardroom

At AVI Orlando – your go-to resource for A/V integration in Central Florida – we offer customized boardroom audio visual integrations suitable for every business and budget. We have experience working with corporate offices of all sizes.

Allow our team to install an AVI system that supports your business goals.

Contact us today at 407-801-0572 and see how boardroom integrations can help you and your business succeed.