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TV vs. Projector – What is Best for Your Business?

Running a successful business meeting or sales pitch often requires a digital presentation of some kind. A computer screen will hardly do – you need something larger so that everyone in the room can see and hear the information you are presenting. You have two options for getting your demonstration on a bigger screen: by using either a projector or a TV. However, these two tools do different things, so you need to figure out which one is right for your business needs. AVI Orlando is here to help you decide between the two by examining some factors.


TV’s can be used for a variety of purposes. Once your presentation and meeting are over, you display other helpful graphics on the screen like calendars, schedules, or company information. With a projector, you are more limited. You can’t run them constantly or the bulbs will burn out and require replacement. Winner: TV


If you have one primary conference room, a wall-mounted TV isn’t a bad way to go. But if you need a more flexible screen, a projector is much more portable. They range from about 8 lbs. to 15 lbs. and can rest on any flat surface, making them a much more flexible solution if you don’t want to put TV’s in every room. Winner: Projector


Both bottom-end projectors and TVs are relatively cheap. Any TV or projector that would work in a home can also work reasonably well in an office. But, if you want your tools to perform even better with clearer, brighter, crisper picture and video capabilities suitable for corporations, it’s going to cost you a little more. Top TVs run anywhere from $5,000 – $15,000 whereas top projectors are anywhere from $1,700 – $5,000. Winner: Projector


TV’s obviously put out their own audio, which is often suitable for smaller meeting room situations. But no matter which projector you choose, you will need a separate audio system for presentations incorporating videos. Winner: TV


You’d be hard-pressed to find a TV over 80”. Normally, that’s not an issue – an average conference room often doesn’t need a screen bigger than that. But, if presentations include highly detailed graphs and tables, it can be difficult for some farther from the TV to discern the data easily. Projectors can be used in much larger rooms, and the size of the picture can be adjusted to fit the needs of the audience. This allows you to tailor the experience of the presentation perfectly for all participants, no matter the size of the room or the distance of viewers from the screen. Winner: Projector

Need help setting up an audio-visual system in your workplace? AVI Orlando specializes in high-quality system installations, both commercial and residential. We can set your conference room up with a perfectly mounted TV, projector screen, sound system, and more to meet your business needs. To learn more about our commercial services, give us a call at 407-801-0572.

Control4 Installation

The Internet of Things (IoT) has made smart home automation a reality and offers homeowners convenience and efficiency in everything from entertainment options and efficient HVAC control to comprehensive home security. Control4 builds on this trend with a product that offers safety, security, convenience, and peace of mind. Professional and experienced installation by AVI Orlando ensures that you enjoy all the benefits this home automation system offers.

Control4 Overview

Control4 is a highly reviewed home automation system backed by excellent customer tools and resources and exemplary after-market support. Learn why this system is a standout in the industry.


Control4 is a reputable smart home automation systems provider, established in 2003. It’s an industry leader with a reputation for quality and value. Control4 focuses exclusively on smart home automation, ensuring that its products are backed by valuable research, know-how, and expertise in this ever-evolving field.


Control4 boasts compatibility with more than 12,000 consumer devices and 24 security brands! Whether you rely on Google Home, Amazon’s Alexa, MOON or numerous other IoT virtual assistant offerings on the market, Control4 provides integration.


This user-friendly device is a breeze to operate. Personalization options, cutting-edge technology, and rapid responsiveness helps you enjoy the many features available through this system. There’s no need to be tech savvy to reap the many benefits of Control4. Plus, when you choose our skilled team to install your system, our technicians take the time to ensure you understand exactly how to get most out of it.


With Control4, you’re always in control – from any location. Use the mobile app that mimics touchscreen controllers when you’re away. Onsite, the touchscreen controllers give you all the power you’d ever want to control your environment.


Easy customization allows you to design a system that meets your personal needs and that of your family members. You can add new devices to the system, change existing settings, manage your smart home features through control schemes and perform many other functions with ease.

Smart Installation for a Smart Home System

Get the most out of your Control4 system. Choose the premium installer in the Orlando area – AVI, Audio Visual Integration. Our knowledgeable team has earned the distinction of being authorized Control4 professional installers. To better serve our Orlando-area customers, we always have Level 2 technicians on staff to make installation and tech support an easier process. Contact us today to discuss Control4 installation for your Florida home.

Benefits of Home Surveillance

Homeowners use surveillance cameras for several reasons, but many times it is to have peace of mind while at home and away. Real-time camera feeds allow you to monitor your home 24/7, giving you immediate updates each time a potential problem arises. If someone tries to enter your home or is successful in breaking in, most surveillance cameras can capture photos and videos that you can use as evidence.

Benefits of installing a surveillance system in your home

  • Deterring intruders – Any intruder who approaches your home will be less likely to break in after they see the surveillance system on your property.
  • Assisting the police – In case an intruder takes the risk to get into your home, your professionally installed cameras will capture and record the incident. The evidence could help catch the thief, get your belongings back, and prevent future crimes.
  • Checking in on your loved ones – By using an app that you can install on your computer, tablet, or smartphone, along with the remote monitoring feature on your system, you can watch the live video feed. You will no longer have to be worried whether your family is safe and can even make sure your four-legged family members are not in trouble.
  • Staying informed – Whether it is a delivery person that walks up to your door, or someone repairing your fence, having an exterior security system in place will allow you to see every person that comes close to your home while you are away.
  • Saving costs on homeowner’s insurance – By taking extra precautionary measures to keep your home safe, your insurance company may offer a discounted rate on your homeowner’s insurance.

There are many advantages to having a surveillance system installed in your home. In the past, many homeowners could not afford the extra protection, but as technology continues to advance, security cameras have become much more accessible and affordable.

If you are ready to purchase and install security cameras in your Central Florida home or if you have questions, contact AVI Orlando today. We are the premier audio/video integration company specializing in high end, high quality residential and commercial audio/visual integration. Call us today at 407-801-0572 to schedule your free consultation.

How Automation Saves Money with Energy Management

In the past decade or so, advances in technology have given us even more control over our environment. Of course, things like light switches, thermostats, electric stovetops, computers, and home entertainment systems have been around for a while now. But, they have been made even better in just the past few years: no longer do you have to manually operate these devices to use them. Apps, voice control, and home assistant devices have given us almost magical abilities to control things at a distance with our mere voices or a tap of a finger. 

This power of automation has many obvious benefits like making life easier, saving time, and just being plain fun to use. But, when used efficiently, automation can also save you money by helping you use less energy! Think about it – if you can control appliances and home features from anywhere by using your phone, you can make sure that everything you aren’t using is turned off. Some examples include:

  • Turning off any lights you left on
  • Bumping up the thermostat when you are leaving the house for a while
  • Turning off the TV
  • Closing your garage

You could also operate any automated appliances and devices from the office to optimize efficiency. For example, you could start heating up the oven when you are leaving work, so it’s pre-heated when you get home. Or, on your way home, you could crank down the thermostat so your house is back to your desired temperature. Forgot to record the game? Control your entertainment systems right from your computer or smartphone. You spend a lot of time at work, so home automation allows you to make the most of your time at home.

All of these uses of automation save you money, while helping you do your part to minimize your environmental impact. Automation gives you the best of both worlds: reaping the benefits of technology and still being green. By bumping up and down the thermostat whenever you want, you can significantly lower your power bill and energy consumption. Wasteful use of electricity, like leaving electronics on, can be completely eliminated.

Interested in saving money every month while enjoying the benefits of upgraded technology? Who wouldn’t be! At AVI Orlando, we can help you choose the automation system which best suits your needs. One of our favorite systems is Control 4® which allows you to operate a wide variety of electronics in your home simply from one device. Call us today to learn more about home automation or request a free consultation at 407-801-0572.

The Importance of Surge Protection

In 2018, if you have your high-dollar, sensitive electronics plugged directly into the wall with no surge protection, you are begging for trouble. Many of us understand the importance of surge protection, whether it be from first or third-hand experience. However, some choose not to use a surge protector because it’s either not often thought about or they think, “It can’t happen to me.”

Your electronics may be fine today, but remember, it only takes one instance for all that to change.

Outlets are supposed to supply your electronics with a constant, consistent supply of electricity. But because of lightning, a problem with the power grid, or even other electronics in your home that require a large amount of power, a sudden power surge or spike can happen and the resulting increase in voltage can cause very costly damage.

Surge Protectors

Standard outlets have no protection against power surges. While there are single-outlet surge protectors that only protect a single item at a time, the most popular form of surge protector comes in the form of a power strip.

There are a variety of different technologies used in surge protectors to protect your electronics, but they all do the same thing. They use a component to divert any excess energy over a safe amount away from your devices, so they stay safe.

Though surge protectors most commonly come in the format of a power strip, not all power strips are surge protectors. Be sure it specifically says it has a surge protector on board, otherwise you may be putting your electronics at unnecessary risk.

Surge protectors don’t last forever, though. They are rated for specific amounts of energy dissipation (joules), and once they reach their threshold either through multiple small surges or one large instance, they need to be replaced.

Surge protectors are often forgot about when electricity supply is not in question, and they wouldn’t even be needed if electricity never malfunctioned, but that just isn’t the case. Be safe rather than sorry with any one of the many surge protection options available on the market. It is cheap insurance against an instance that could become very expensive.

At AVI Orlando, our experts can help choose the best surge protection option that suits your needs. Whether you need a single outlet protected, or want to protect your entire home, we have you covered. Call us to learn more about surge protection or to schedule your free consultation at 407-801-0572.

The Importance of Pre-Wiring a New Construction

It’s no fun tripping over wires or breaking into walls to upgrade or customize your entertainment system. If a new construction home (or a gut to the studs renovation) is in your future, be aware of the huge advantages of pre-wiring to ensure optimal cabling and infrastructure for all your audio/visual needs, now and to come.

Central hub and Structured Cabling

Structured cabling can be installed before walls are closed in the same way electrical wires and plumbing are installed before construction is finished. For this scenario, feeds for telephone, entertainment systems (including speakers and cable TV) and networking run from each room to a central hub. External feeds for services are also connected to the hub panel which can also contain splitters, amplifiers, and modems. With everything clearly labeled, easy access for future changes or troubleshooting is much easier. And, not insignificantly, wires are tucked away for a tidy and clutter-free home.

Control in each room

Speaker cables run from a central hub to a control panel in each room in the home can control volume and other aspects of audio transmission. The latest systems feature keypads with control for switching between sources, or touchscreens for accessing Internet radio.

Installing cables from a central location into each room where you want a TV or entertainment system means you can put a satellite or cable receiver in each room, locate a single receiver centrally, and distribute its output to each room, or connect your TV to the Internet to receive IP delivered content via Netflix, Roku or Apple TV.

The Future is IOT

The Internet of Things (IOT) is coming. Ever increasing bandwidth and more frequent inter-connectivity between devices means it’s never been more important to pre-wire new construction for wireless transmission. A web of data cables can be run from a central location, specifically to rooms with entertainment centers. Currently, these can be networks of ethernet or fiber optic cables.

The Big Advantage

To recap, here’s a list of several advantages to pre-wiring a new build or home under renovation:

  • the aesthetics of a wire-free environment
  • fewer tripping or shorting hazards, keep infrastructure out of the hands of young children and animals
  • maximizing the potential for an integrated security system or remote monitoring, in the future if not immediately
  • one touch turn off and audio or internet that flows unobstructed from room to room
  • ease of use by centralizing controls
  • better affordability to install cable during construction than afterward

Save time with AVI Installations

Life is hectic. We at AVI Orlando understand that it takes a lot of time and effort to put together your perfect space. Whether you need a home security system to keep your family safe or booming surround sound in your theater room, we’ll be there for you. Working from design to installation, our experienced team will provide you with top-notch products and excellent service that will fit your budget. With AVI, you can guarantee you’ll be happy with the results. 

Audio/video electronics are not a one-size-fits-all business. Each of our clients has a unique space and specific needs. So, we take note and create a system that fulfills. Some products we work with include:

  • Tv’s
  • Surround systems
  • Theaters
  • Security systems
  • Lighting Control Systems

Whatever your goals are, we can work with you to make them happen.

Why Choose AVI?

Installation of electronics is a complex process that requires skill and knowledge of circuitry, wiring and electric codes. We can offer you industry certified technicians who will be in and out of your space and have you using your new system in no time. In addition to speedy service, we provide updated wiring for your potentially dangerous and outdated systems. Not only will this keep your home safe, but can improve your energy efficiency and bring your electricity bill down.

Once installation is complete, we will walk you through how to use your new electronics. Our staff knows how to make even the most complicated systems simple to use by providing you with in-depth instructions and support. So, if you’re ready to bring your Central Florida home into the future, or want to schedule a consultation, give us a call at 407-801-0572.

Putting the Music First with Yamaha

Integrating sound equipment into your desired space is a crucial service which we value greatly at AVI Orlando. Providing a way to seamlessly create an environment with our gear that fits your yamaha orlandoneeds is our main goal, which is why we only offer the best.

Top of the Line Equipment

Yamaha is the world’s largest manufacturer of instruments along with producing products for both audio and visual functions. From the actual construction of the products featuring cross member frames and detachable power cords to the incredibly unmatched sound quality which is comparable to that from a studio, the excellence in the engineering of Yamaha products is unrivaled. This intense attention to detail provides for an overall phenomenal user experience.

Providing our customers is with a great service is paramount and Yamaha makes doing so easier than ever. The superiority of their products works in tandem with our loyalty to ensuring fantastic customer service. Tech lovers have their dream setup whether it be a home studio or theater and at AVI we offer installation of all Yamaha products to guarantee your ideal setup can become a dream come true. We also provide the One Remote feature which allows you to control all of your equipment with one universal remote for simplicity and ease.

The Brand You Can Trust

Yamaha has been in business since 1887, and with over a century’s worth of experience, the quality of their products speaks for itself. Yamaha is “Powered by Music, ” and by putting the music first, they have managed to create a brand for themselves which anyone would be proud to own, and we at AVI are proud to sell. If you are interested in upgrading your home studio with fantastic equipment, give us a call today at 407-801-0572 and request your free consultation.

Installing Security Cameras for Your Commercial Property

All business owners understand how substantial of an investment their commercial property is. They also understand how hard of a hit it would be if a break-in were to occur. Unfortunately, it is impossible always to stand guard to protect your assets, but that doesn’t mean that you must surrender your business to the mercy of burglars. Installing a security camera system is a phenomenal option to put your mind at ease about the safety of your property.

The Benefits of Security Cameras

Security cameras are a great choice when looking to keep your commercial property protected.  They allow you the peace of mind in knowing that there is constant surveillance. You can increase your security even more by considering options such as:

  • Day/Night Cameras – A major component to footage is light. Too bright and everything is washed out, making distinguishing aspects of the video difficult. However, if the footage is too dark, nothing is visible. Day/night cameras allow the best of both worlds by adjusting appropriately for lighting, providing you with the best picture possible.
  • Long Range Lenses – Intruders often look for where cameras are to avoid walking in those spots. You now have the option of using long range cameras capable of watching from far distances to hide your camera farther away and out of their sight. This makes burglars think they are safe while allowing you to monitor any criminals looking to harm your business
  • Wireless Transfer – Our day/night cameras have the capability to transmit footage wirelessly to devices such as tablets or cell phones so you can monitor your business from the comfort of your home.
  • Weather-Resistant Cases – The Last thing you want is to pay for a security system only to find that the cameras were badly damaged from a rain storm and are now inoperable. Luckily, we offer weather resistant cases that make exposure to the elements an obsolete concern.

Secure Your Business Today

Your business and the assets within it are too valuable to allow them to go unprotected. At AVI Orlando, our technicians are skilled in not only installation but also assisting you in understanding how the system works to operate it better yourself. Protecting your business is just a phone call away, so call us at 407-801-0572 for your free consultation.

Audio Visual Integration Orlando

Audio Visual Integration (AVI) Orlando serves the Central Florida area with premier audio, video, and surveillance equipment and service. We offer top-notch solutions, whether you need assistance for your residence, business or both. Count on us for audio/visual expertise with discretion and excellence.

We Deliver Quality

AVI Orlando provides comprehensive audio video integration services, from consultation and design to installation and implementation.

Some of our wide-ranging service options include the following:

  • AVI consultations
  • Basic and custom installation
  • Surveillance systems
  • Theater installations
  • Lighting controls
  • Flat Panel TV installations
  • Projectors
  • Media servers
  • Green home technology home automation
  • Pre-wiring for new construction
  • Home networking
  • Control 4 – Control home features, such as home security, TV, sound, lighting and more

You can also turn to us for custom jobs designed to meet unique requirements. We possess the skills, training, and experience that allows us to create innovative solutions for nearly any situation in the world of AV and security.

Top Choice for Orlando Home Owners and Businesses

Choose experience and know-how for your audio/visual needs with AVI Orlando. Depend on our highly trained and certified staff to always perform professionally and courteously. Our use of cutting-edge technology and the latest and most innovative equipment ensures the best possible functionality for all your AV needs, security surveillance requirements, remote monitoring, and the like.

At AVI, we provide exacting services for both residential and commercial properties. Our AVI solutions are available to you, no matter how large or small your project. Give us a call at 407-801-0572 today for a free consultation. We’d love to show you what we can do for you.