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The Future of Home Automation

The Future of Home Automation in Orlando FL

The era of “smart homes” has dawned, and millions of Americans now own appliances that are technologically enhanced to improve lives. While it has taken some time to win over the population, automated devices such as thermostats, televisions, lights and more have made everyday tasks more streamlined and efficient. Now with the onset of the Internet of Things shared network, the foundation is set for all of your household tasks to be automated with a breeze. The future is bright with the following advancements in home automation.

Continual Integration

While many technologies exist to facilitate different aspects of your home life, they are often produced by different companies. Nest specializes in your home temperature, Ring makes security improvements, and Amazon, Google, and Apple all have voice activated systems to control other home actions. As these companies further improve their own products, a likely future has these companies integrating their products to make all of your devices compatible.

Smart Kitchen Technology

Automated kitchen tech has already begun to enter the market, but look for this market to grow quite quickly in the near future. With the average American leading a hectic life, the idea of remotely controlled ovens, crockpots, and refrigerators will be a huge draw to homeowners. Amazon is already working on technology to be able to shop for groceries based off of what your fridge is missing. These types of advances are the next frontier of home tech.

Further Progress with Appliances

As your house temperature controls, lighting systems, and kitchen appliances continue to become automated, the rest of your home devices will soon catch up as well. With all of these tools connected on the Internet of Things, the eventual goal is that items such as your laundry and vacuuming machines will be integrated with the rest of your home tech.

Cohesive Audio-Visual Integration in Central Florida

As home technology continues to increase and evolve, everyday tasks will become simple and seamless. However, a smart home is not complete unless its home entertainment system is as cohesive as its other appliances. At AVI Orlando, we specialize in installing entertainment audio-visual systems that ensure a flawless experience when you kick back and relax. All of our speakers and movie tools are wireless and can even connect to your other home systems, further easing your way of life. To learn more about our services and products call us today at 407-233-1880.

Best Places to Mount Security Cameras

Security cameras are an effective way to protect your property and belongings from burglars and thieves. Security systems have become even more accessible to the general public in recent years, as they have become more efficient and less expensive. However, the best security cameras in the world are useless if they are pointed at the wrong location. If your cameras have a limited viewing area or are obstructed, then your money is just going to go down the drain. To maximize your home’s protection, here are some tips on where you should put your security cameras.

Front Door

The most important place to have a camera is right above your front door. Despite the open location and lack of cover, your front door remains the most common entrance spot for a thief. Keep any camera at least 8-10 feet off of the ground so that a burglar cannot tamper with it. A front door camera also deters those pesky package thieves that steal your deliveries, and monitors any other activity that takes place when you are away.

Other Entryways

After your front door is covered, it is time to look at the other places where a crook can crack in. Weak doors and old windows are easy to enter, so putting cameras on your back door and side windows is a wise investment. Having cameras in these locations can make a burglar think twice before trying to enter your house.

Prominent Locations

Once you set up cameras at all of the possible entrances to your home, you can start adding to the other locations and beef up the security of your property. Setting up surveillance on your yard, driveway, and backyard spaces can notify you of any odd activity, and also keep track of your family and friends if you are gone. Another strong spot to monitor is a main hallway or living room inside the house. Putting a camera in a heavily trafficked area means that anyone that comes into the house is caught on tape in the event of a home invasion.

Places NOT to Place Cameras

There are some places where it is not a good idea to put security cameras. Any cameras that infringe on the privacy of your neighbor’s property are not a good idea, and are illegal in some states. Likewise, refrain from putting cameras inside bedrooms or bathrooms. People enjoy having privacy in those places, and having a camera in there is unnecessary and creepy.

Central Florida Security Experts

Security is an important need in a world where break-ins are common, and we know that protecting your family and valuables is one of your utmost concerns. That is why we at AVI Orlando are dedicated to providing you with the best security possible for your home. With top-of-the-line surveillance cameras and highly trained staff, we will help you keep your family and house safe and sound. Call us today at 407-233-1880 to learn more about our services.

3 Ways to Improve Home Perimeter Security

3 Ways to Improve Home Perimeter Security

Securing your personal property is one of the most important aspects of a homeowner’s responsibility. With thieves entering homes at an alarming rate, it is vital to have proper protection in place to ensure the safety of both your family and possessions. While it might seem like a daunting task to combat intruders, these criminals are easily deterred when they see resistance to their plans. Setting up some basic security around your house will help keep thieves from breaking into your property. Here are 3 ways to help improve your home’s perimeter security.

  1. Set up cameras

    Any burglar that comes by your house dreads seeing cameras. Security cameras either around your property or in your doorbell offer strong security against any break-ins. Most of the time, a thief will simply move on from a house if cameras are visible and will try to rob someone else. Even if one does come in you now have physical evidence to show the authorities.

  2. Install lighting

    An intruder prefers to do their business in the dark in order to evade suspicion and stay out of sight from prying eyes. An easy way to deter one from entering your home is to install some lights around your property. With either constant lights or ones with motion-sensing technology, a burglar is far less likely to attempt a crime if they have lost their shadows to hide in.

  3. Appear present

    Intruders prey on homes that look to be empty, as most prefer to avoid confronting people. To make your house less appealing to burglars, make sure to maintain a lived-in look for your property. This means keeping the lawn and landscaping in good condition, putting trash bins out on the curb and back, installing security signs around your house, and picking up any newspapers or flyers that are on your property. If your whole family is away for a trip, ask a neighbor to do some of these things daily to continue the appearance of an occupied house.

Orlando Home Security

Protecting homes from burglars and thieves is a full time job, but you shouldn’t have to worry about it regularly. Here at AVI Orlando, we can install top quality security cameras at your home so you don’t have to worry about intruders anymore. Call us at 407-233-1880 to learn more about our options for your property and learn how we can help you protect your home.

10 Things to Consider When Planning Your Home Theater System

10 Things to Consider When Planning Your Home Theater System

Thanks to the widespread availability of media technology, the dream of owning your very own home theater system is not just for the super wealthy anymore. Of course, there are degrees to everything, and some home theaters can be extremely expensive. But, that doesn’t mean yours has to be — a few thousand dollars saved up over the course of a few months can go a long way! However big or small you decide to go, here are 10 factors you should consider when planning out your home theater system.

  1. The Room

    All of your planning begins with the room; the features of the room will impact all of the other decisions you make. Most importantly, you should take into account the size and layout of the space to judge how far away from the screen you will be sitting.

  2. The Screen

    The first decision you have to make about the screen is whether you will go with a TV or a projector. Size is the main concern here, since it is much more cost-effective to get a projector when you want screens over 100”.

  3. Furniture

    A home theater experience should be luxurious, and a key part of that is the furniture you choose. Big leather recliners are classic for a reason — they are extremely comfortable to sit in for hours at a time. You will also want to optimize the space by arranging furniture in a way the maximizes the number of guests you can seat.

  4. The Surround Sound Receiver

    A preamplifier/amplifier unit is the central hub for your sound system. Every component will plug directly into the back, and from it you can easily switch inputs to provide sound for the display.

  5. The Speakers

    You can find speaker systems with as few as three units, but they can incorporate many more should you desire. No matter what, you need a central speaker and at least two on either side of the room.

  6. Subwoofer

    In addition to the surround sound speakers, you should consider a separate subwoofer to elevate your sound to the next level. These speakers are responsible for bringing the bass and deep rumbling sounds, making them essential for action movie lovers.

  7. Content Playing Devices

    With the rise of streaming devices, you can access digital libraries of movies and shows without needing DVD players. But, you will likely still want to watch your favorites from your collection, so DVD and Blu-ray players are a good option. Many of the newer models can also access popular streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime.

  8. Surge Protectors

    Keep your expensive home theater equipment safe from electrical surges with a surge protector. These can stop circuit overloads before they reach your speakers, TV, and other devices.

  9. Connectivity

    An overlooked aspect of home theater planning is how everything will connect together. A professional AVI specialist can help integrate your systems and hide the wires so that your space operates smoothly and looks sleek.

  10. Remote Controls

    An AVI specialist can also integrate audio and visual systems into one universal remote. Otherwise, you could have several to operate each system, which can be extremely frustrating and inefficient.

Professional Home Theater Installation

While having a home theater is amazing, setting it up by yourself is not. Save yourself the frustration and troubleshooting by calling the home theater experts at AVI Orlando. We can help you pick out the right equipment for your space and install it for you so that everything looks good and works perfectly. To learn more about our services or to discuss a home theater, please give us a call at 407-801-0572 today.

How Does Lightning Damage Electronics?

Does Lightning Effect Electronics?

With summer in Florida comes the daily afternoon thunderstorm. Most of the time it is only a slight inconvenience to outdoor activities since it clears up after an hour or so. But, it can become much more frustrating when you find out your home has sustained electrical damage. While serious incidents like homes burning down are rare, electronics like TVs, game systems, lighting, and audio systems are frequently fried by electrical surges from lightning.

Electrical Surges

Lightning hitting your home will destroy its electrical system and anything plugged into outlets. There could also be a potential risk of fire, as well. While a direct strike is relatively uncommon, most of the time when electronics in your home are damaged, it is because of an electrical surge. These occur when lighting strikes either the ground near power lines or the lines themselves that are connected to your house. The lightning sends a huge flow of energy up through these lines, terminating the circuits inside electronic devices or in your home’s electrical panel. Surge protectors on outlets and circuit breakers are in place to protect electronics from an unsafe energy flow, but they can be overpowered by the immense amount of energy that lightning strikes transmit. The aftermath can be severe: melted or fused-together wires which are now useless and destroyed electronic devices. In many cases, it is too costly to try to fix the damaged components and you will instead have to replace the destroyed items.

Protecting Your Home and Property

To prevent lightning from damaging electronics inside your home, you could get a lightning rod professionally installed to ground all the energy before reaching your electrical panel. Otherwise, you should have a quality surge protector on your electrical panel so it can prevent the surge from reaching wires running to your outlets. Lastly, you can install surge protectors on phone lines, TV Cables, and ethernet cables to prevent your phones, TV, computer, modem, and router from being fried by lightning.

Electrical System Experts

Are your home’s electrical system or electronic components at risk of being destroyed by a lightning strike? The professionals at AVI can help you keep your electronics safe. We specialize in the installation of audio-visual systems of all kinds for homes and businesses, from home theaters to security cameras. No job is too big or small for us. To learn more about or services, please give us a call at 407-801-0572.

What Are the Different Types of Home Theater Speaker Systems?

Different Types of Home Theater Speakers

Back in the ’90s and early 2000s, home theaters were pretty rare sights – only the wealthiest could afford them. The technology was also much more primitive with clunky speakers, VCR machines, and five different remote controls. Today, the cheapest home theater setup you could get would be far superior to even the most expensive one 20 years ago. Though 4k TV’s, Blu-ray players, and higher-quality projectors have improved the video side, advances in audio technology play a large role in this advancement as well.

Depending on the type of audio system you select, you’ll see some different kinds of speakers. Generally, home audio systems fall into two categories. A home speaker setup for a flat screen in the living room will have a pretty basic setup with a few speakers, and home theater rooms will have a more elaborate surround sound system with additional speakers.

The basic home audio setup is frequently called a front system because it includes only speakers at the front of the display. Typically, it consists of 3 speakers: one at the front, one on the left, and one on the right. You might also have a sub-woofer at the front, but sometimes it can be incorporated into the other speakers.

The most common surround sound systems include the same front speakers, but add an additional two to four speakers around the room, literally surrounding you as you watch. Understandably, more speakers will cost more money. But, audio aficionados will say that the money is well worth it, as the sound becomes much more immersive and resembles more of the theater-going experience.

Setting up a home theater system is a job for audio-visual professionals, since it is a lot more complex than you might think. At AVI, we specialize in setting up home theater and surround sound systems in multiple settings, from residential to commercial spaces. We will help you pick out the perfect system for your space and budget and install it seamlessly into your home. Call us today to talk about home theaters at 407-801-0572.

TV vs. Projector – What is Best for Your Business?

Running a successful business meeting or sales pitch often requires a digital presentation of some kind. A computer screen will hardly do – you need something larger so that everyone in the room can see and hear the information you are presenting. You have two options for getting your demonstration on a bigger screen: by using either a projector or a TV. However, these two tools do different things, so you need to figure out which one is right for your business needs. AVI Orlando is here to help you decide between the two by examining some factors.


TV’s can be used for a variety of purposes. Once your presentation and meeting are over, you display other helpful graphics on the screen like calendars, schedules, or company information. With a projector, you are more limited. You can’t run them constantly or the bulbs will burn out and require replacement. Winner: TV


If you have one primary conference room, a wall-mounted TV isn’t a bad way to go. But if you need a more flexible screen, a projector is much more portable. They range from about 8 lbs. to 15 lbs. and can rest on any flat surface, making them a much more flexible solution if you don’t want to put TV’s in every room. Winner: Projector


Both bottom-end projectors and TVs are relatively cheap. Any TV or projector that would work in a home can also work reasonably well in an office. But, if you want your tools to perform even better with clearer, brighter, crisper picture and video capabilities suitable for corporations, it’s going to cost you a little more. Top TVs run anywhere from $5,000 – $15,000 whereas top projectors are anywhere from $1,700 – $5,000. Winner: Projector


TV’s obviously put out their own audio, which is often suitable for smaller meeting room situations. But no matter which projector you choose, you will need a separate audio system for presentations incorporating videos. Winner: TV


You’d be hard-pressed to find a TV over 80”. Normally, that’s not an issue – an average conference room often doesn’t need a screen bigger than that. But, if presentations include highly detailed graphs and tables, it can be difficult for some farther from the TV to discern the data easily. Projectors can be used in much larger rooms, and the size of the picture can be adjusted to fit the needs of the audience. This allows you to tailor the experience of the presentation perfectly for all participants, no matter the size of the room or the distance of viewers from the screen. Winner: Projector

Need help setting up an audio-visual system in your workplace? AVI Orlando specializes in high-quality system installations, both commercial and residential. We can set your conference room up with a perfectly mounted TV, projector screen, sound system, and more to meet your business needs. To learn more about our commercial services, give us a call at 407-801-0572.

Control4 Installation

The Internet of Things (IoT) has made smart home automation a reality and offers homeowners convenience and efficiency in everything from entertainment options and efficient HVAC control to comprehensive home security. Control4 builds on this trend with a product that offers safety, security, convenience, and peace of mind. Professional and experienced installation by AVI Orlando ensures that you enjoy all the benefits this home automation system offers.

Control4 Overview

Control4 is a highly reviewed home automation system backed by excellent customer tools and resources and exemplary after-market support. Learn why this system is a standout in the industry.


Control4 is a reputable smart home automation systems provider, established in 2003. It’s an industry leader with a reputation for quality and value. Control4 focuses exclusively on smart home automation, ensuring that its products are backed by valuable research, know-how, and expertise in this ever-evolving field.


Control4 boasts compatibility with more than 12,000 consumer devices and 24 security brands! Whether you rely on Google Home, Amazon’s Alexa, MOON or numerous other IoT virtual assistant offerings on the market, Control4 provides integration.


This user-friendly device is a breeze to operate. Personalization options, cutting-edge technology, and rapid responsiveness helps you enjoy the many features available through this system. There’s no need to be tech savvy to reap the many benefits of Control4. Plus, when you choose our skilled team to install your system, our technicians take the time to ensure you understand exactly how to get most out of it.


With Control4, you’re always in control – from any location. Use the mobile app that mimics touchscreen controllers when you’re away. Onsite, the touchscreen controllers give you all the power you’d ever want to control your environment.


Easy customization allows you to design a system that meets your personal needs and that of your family members. You can add new devices to the system, change existing settings, manage your smart home features through control schemes and perform many other functions with ease.

Smart Installation for a Smart Home System

Get the most out of your Control4 system. Choose the premium installer in the Orlando area – AVI, Audio Visual Integration. Our knowledgeable team has earned the distinction of being authorized Control4 professional installers. To better serve our Orlando-area customers, we always have Level 2 technicians on staff to make installation and tech support an easier process. Contact us today to discuss Control4 installation for your Florida home.

Automation with Green Technology

According to Energy Star, the average commercial building wastes 30 percent of the energy it consumes. To increase efficiency, reduce energy usage, lower electricity costs, and help the environment, many business owners are focusing on energy management.

Whether you own a small, mid-sized, or large business, automation with green technology can help ensure:

  • Programmable audio, visual, and lighting control systems are turned off at night
  • AV systems are not being used or drawing power when an individual is not in a zoned audio, video, or lighting area
  • Equipment is more energy efficient and safer than conventional equipment

At AVI Orlando, we understand that lowering your bills and making your business more eco-friendly is important. A great way to address both concerns is to update your commercial lighting controls. By installing motion sensors, you no longer have to worry about whether the lights are on after everyone has left the room. At the end of the workday, you can even shut off all the lights with a touch of a button.

Our carefully designed systems help eliminate electrical waste when not in use and can be automated to suit your business needs. If you would like to learn more about how to implement commercial automation with green technology into your organization, please call 407-801-0572 or fill out our contact us form online.

Benefits of Home Surveillance

Homeowners use surveillance cameras for several reasons, but many times it is to have peace of mind while at home and away. Real-time camera feeds allow you to monitor your home 24/7, giving you immediate updates each time a potential problem arises. If someone tries to enter your home or is successful in breaking in, most surveillance cameras can capture photos and videos that you can use as evidence.

Benefits of installing a surveillance system in your home

  • Deterring intruders – Any intruder who approaches your home will be less likely to break in after they see the surveillance system on your property.
  • Assisting the police – In case an intruder takes the risk to get into your home, your professionally installed cameras will capture and record the incident. The evidence could help catch the thief, get your belongings back, and prevent future crimes.
  • Checking in on your loved ones – By using an app that you can install on your computer, tablet, or smartphone, along with the remote monitoring feature on your system, you can watch the live video feed. You will no longer have to be worried whether your family is safe and can even make sure your four-legged family members are not in trouble.
  • Staying informed – Whether it is a delivery person that walks up to your door, or someone repairing your fence, having an exterior security system in place will allow you to see every person that comes close to your home while you are away.
  • Saving costs on homeowner’s insurance – By taking extra precautionary measures to keep your home safe, your insurance company may offer a discounted rate on your homeowner’s insurance.

There are many advantages to having a surveillance system installed in your home. In the past, many homeowners could not afford the extra protection, but as technology continues to advance, security cameras have become much more accessible and affordable.

If you are ready to purchase and install security cameras in your Central Florida home or if you have questions, contact AVI Orlando today. We are the premier audio/video integration company specializing in high end, high quality residential and commercial audio/visual integration. Call us today at 407-801-0572 to schedule your free consultation.