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IP vs. HD Security Cameras

You build a life inside your home and a livelihood inside your business — but, in order to protect them, you need to secure them. Maintaining the safety of your property is incredibly important and must include reliable and effective tools. Security cameras offer valuable protection while giving you the comfort of knowing that your space is s…

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Advantages of a Media Room

Having quick, convenient access to quality entertainment is no longer a luxury. At the same time, so many homeowners still consider an in-home theater as being far outside of their price point. A dedicated home cinema can certainly be costly and somewhat impractical for the everyday household, but there’s a far more efficient way to transform…

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4 Signs You Need to Update Your Projector

After rounding up staff to watch a company-wide training video or gathering loved ones for a family movie viewing, a projector problem is probably the last thing you predicted. Projectors are certainly a long-term and worthwhile investment, but they all age out of use—especially those that get a lot of it. If your projector is showing any of …

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How Often Should Your Home Security System Be Tested?

A home security system works to safeguard your residential property in more ways than one. Not only can your system provide you with some protective peace of mind, but the simple presence of a security system can deter potential criminal activity on your premises and reduce your home’s risk of being targeted. To ensure that it does its job wh…

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6 Reasons to Install Security Cameras at Your Business

If you think security is important for your home, you should also consider the place you spend most waking hours of your workweek. Whether you’ve got products to protect, sensitive information to surveille, or multiple locations to monitor, here are six reasons to install commercial security cameras at your business.
Vacation Time
You don…

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