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Advantages of a Media Room

Having quick, convenient access to quality entertainment is no longer a luxury. At the same time, so many homeowners still consider an in-home theater as being far outside of their price point. A dedicated home cinema can certainly be costly and somewhat impractical for the everyday household, but there’s a far more efficient way to transform part of your property to fit your family’s favorite media: a media room. 

A media room is, not surprisingly, a room designated for all things media. However, unlike a theater, it serves a more flexible purpose and supports a more flexible floor plan—while being financially flexible enough to fit any budget. Here are four advantages of a media room. 

More Freedom to Decorate 

In a traditional theater setting, there isn’t much room for expression. High-stretching drapes, dark color schemes, and tight seating are the extent of design put inside each cinema. With a media room, however, you have the floor to freely express your interior design dreams. Add as many splashes of color and variations of texture as you want, because your media room is exactly what you make it. 

You aren’t bound to certain types of seats or styles of seating when it comes to your media room. Instead of rowed theater seats, you can choose from couches, chaise lounges, and chairs that meet your fancy and make comfort more of a priority. And, unlike a traditional theater, you can leave as much open floor space as you see fit. 

More Form and Function  

Media rooms aren’t dedicated to one single thing; they lend themselves to just about every form of entertainment. Whether you want to amuse guests with an album listening party, an intimate movie viewing, or an old-school game night, a media room can fit your kind of fun. And on nights when you want the media room all to yourself, you can relax, unwind, and make your way through your watch list.  

More of What You Want Most  

Media rooms are made for all ages. If you’re craving some family time, round up the little ones and gather in the media room for a board game battle or PG movie party. After a busy workweek or a long day in class, the media room can be the place where your family shares their peeks and pits. 

To create a media room that brings you closer to all the things you love, install the right lighting. At the end of the day, you can easily turn your media room into the ideal home theater with remote-controlled brightness. While a media room isn’t exclusive to the movie-viewing experience, it certainly makes for an impressive cinematic showing. 

Are You Ready to Make Your Media Room? 

When you’re ready to get started on your media room, partner with the team at Orlando AVI. Our home automation services can turn any room in your home to the most media-savvy space. Using controlled lighting, high-quality projectors, and endless other AV options, our team will help you put the most personal touches on your entertainment space. For more information, call us today at 321-228-5053.