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4 Signs You Need to Update Your Projector

After rounding up staff to watch a company-wide training video or gathering loved ones for a family movie viewing, a projector problem is probably the last thing you predicted. Projectors are certainly a long-term and worthwhile investment, but they all age out of use—especially those that get a lot of it. If your projector is showing any of the following signs, it might finally be time to upgrade your setup. 

New Parts 

When you have to constantly run out and find replacements for projector lamps or other essential parts of your projector, it might not be those specific parts that are the real problem. As they reach their expiration, projectors run through parts much quicker. Therefore, you could save money and time on replacement parts by spending a little more on a replacement projector.  

Poor Picture

A fuzzy, unclear, or unsatisfactory picture is unacceptable. If your projector is giving off poor image quality or constantly fading out while in use, your equipment could either be technologically outdated or on the way out of overall workability. Furthermore, any unexpected freezing, lagging, or shutting down can be a sign that your projector is long past its prime. 

High Temperature

Is your projector overheating or making a lot of noise? Is it getting overworked after very little use? A struggling projector is a projector that needs replacing. Likewise, a struggling projector is far less cost effective. Using more energy to run less efficiently, outdated projectors can sometimes be too hot to handle. 

Obvious Issues 

Constant warning lights, difficulty turning on, and difficulty staying on are clear indications that your projector is ready to retire. While you should certainly attempt to repair or restore a newer projector experiencing minor issues, you shouldn’t ignore the signs that your projector is just plain old. 

Pick out Your New Projector 

When you’re ready to upgrade your projector, contact the team at Orlando AVI. At Orlando AVI, we specialize in audio-visual installations for homes and businesses. We can help you pick out the perfect projector for your in-home theater or in-office boardroom. Our certified technicians will even ensure that you have complete functionality and a clear understanding of your AV controls. For any of your projector and general AV questions, call us today at 321-228-5053.